Wayne Trinklein

waynetrinkartist_homeTrinklein’s lifelong experience of adventure, forgiveness, and hope has culminated in this “Signature Series” of fine tree sculptures. These trees use the realistic, anatomical representations found in nature to portray relationships, adaptations, and survival of our kindred species.

Wayne Trinklein has spent over three decades developing his unique techniques in molded copper wire, tin, and lead to create each tree individually for its rocky setting. He often uses a special method of shaping metal at its eutectic point, an elusive state of heated metal when it can be worked like clay.

His tree sculptures can be found world-wide, from the desks of governors and executives, to the homes of many people who seek from nature an inspiration for their lives. It is the joy seen in their faces and heartfelt words, which encourage Wayne in his lifelong artistic profession.

The “Signature Series” represent the cutting edge of his work. These newest, concept trees explore in depth the drama of life’s most meaningful experience, and always offer hope, and dignity to the venture. These unique trees are presented with the finest attention to detail, and museum quality workmanship.wayneamerica


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