I opened the gallery on October 8, 2014 with the help of many of the artists that are in here now. The goal of the gallery was to have the finest Missouri artists showcasing their originals and prints, in an intimate setting where the customer is treated with special care to give him or her the type of experience that is memorable. We want you to come back for more.

I have been a teacher and photographer for 30 years and I retired from teaching high school and college  in 2012. What I thought was just a hobby has truly turned into my passion. I grew up in the art world with my grandfather being a professional artist and my father collecting art his entire life.

I was going to all of the greatest galleries and museums in the world, not knowing at the time what an impact they  had on my life. My sister and I stayed with Thomas Hart Benton at his home in Kansas City for a weekend in 1968. Around the same time, I went to New York and there he was, Salvador Dali. I was so impressed with him that I flew to London to see his one man exhibit in 1980. What a thrill.

Since 2012 I have been showing my photography and alcohol ink paintings in six galleries around town. I learned a lot about what I like and dislike about each one. So, I took all of the “good ideas” and put them to work in Fine Art of Missouri. I wanted a special place where the best of the best Missouri artists could call home.

Come visit these wonderful artists with so much talent. We love talking art.


Best of Missouri Hands Juried Artist

Photography and Painting


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